Our daycare means something different than a cage. The dogs in our care are in the same house as us, in a private room with heating, air conditioning, music and surveillance camera. This is where they only sleep actually during the night because during the day they are outside all day (if the weather permits it) playing and exercising. When staying for more days the dogs are bathed, their nails clipped and disinfected. When transported the dogs are in a van that respects all legal standards for animal transportation: secured, impact resistant cages, day and night light and proper ventilation. When moving in groups we create groups where the dogs are compatible with each other based on their breed, age and temperament.

Please be aware that:

  • you must provide the food for your dog; it is safest and best for your dog and everybody. Of course if you would wish so, we can provide the right food as well
  • we can’t accept dogs that are ill or menstruating
  • we only accept dogs that we know and have been trained by us

Our Experts

Petre Csiki

Petre Csiki

20 years experience
Cristina Csiki

Cristina Csiki

15 years experience

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