Obedience Training

The minimal elementary obedience consists in establishing rules of  behavior in certain imposed situations that will determine the dog’s correct behavior without being associated with a punishment. In this stage the dog will acquire, besides a non-aggressive and balanced behavior towards the master and the family members and also a sense of responsibility in their relationship with them. The elementary discipline program consists of learning the following commands executed exclusively while the dog is in the leash:

  1. Safety radius zone
  2. Stop signal
  3. Leash walking
  4. Walking without leash
  5. Sit
  6. Down
  7. Waiting
  8. Recalling
  9. Food refusal

The standard obedience comes as a natural continuation of the minimal obedience program and aims both to deepen the commandments learned in the previous curriculum and to learn new orders.

All orders are executed freely, without leash, both verbally and with sign!

The standard discipline module does not have a fixed number of training sessions, but depends on the dog’s capacity and takes place in a real environment!

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Petre Csiki

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